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A3010-魔鬼總動員 Total Recall, 1990 英文發音中文字幕版
A3010-魔鬼總動員 Total Recall, 1990 英文發音中文字幕版
A4028-唐尼與瑪麗奧斯蒙兄妹Donny & Marie青春樂電視秀精華版DVD NT$1,000






1. Introduction

2. Do The Things You Do - Donny & Marie Osmond

3. Take A Chance - Donny & Marie Osmond

4. He´s A Heartache - Marie Osmond

5. Crazy - Marie Osmond

6. Medley: a. You Ain´t Woman Enough (To take My Man) b. I Never Promised You A Rosegarden

c. Snowbird d. Here You Come e. I Was Country When Country Wasn´t Cool f. Nobody g.

Stand By Your Man - Marie Osmond

7. Memory - Marie Osmond

8. Times Of Your Life - Marie Osmond

9. Heartache Tonight - Marie Osmond

10. I`m So Excited - Donny Osmond

11. Mr. Briefcase - Donny Osmond

12. Too Young - Donny Osmond

13. Puppy Love - Donny Osmond

14. Medley: a. Paper Roses b. I`m leaving It All Up To You c. A Little Bit Country d. Nine To Five

e. Turn Your Love Around f. Hangin´ Around - Donny & Marie Osmond

15. Show me - Donny & Marie Osmond

16. From Me To You - Instrumental

Band Members: Donny Osmond - Vocals/Keyboards, Marie Osmond - Vocals, Brad Cole - Piano, Jeff Daniel - Keyboards,

Judd Miller - Trumpet, Michael Rosati - Guitar, Rob Honery - Bass Guitar, Nick Vincent - Drums,

Susan Fort - Backing Vocals, Amy Boyack - Backing Vocals




Track Listings

1. Puppy love - Osmond, Donny
2. Paper roses/I'm leaving it all up to you - Osmond, Donny & Marie
3. Little bit country/Nine to five - Osmond, Donny & Marie
4. Heartache tonight - Osmond, Marie
5. I'm so excited - Osmond, Donny
6. Heartache looking for a home - Osmond, Marie
7. Medley (You ain't woman enough) - Osmond, Marie
8. Too young - Osmond, Donny

9. Memory - Osmond, Marie
10. Remember the times we had - Osmond, Marie
11. Ratrace - Osmond, Donny
12. Take another chance on love - Osmond, Donny & Marie
13. Turn your love around - Osmond, Donny & Marie
14. Hangin' around - Osmond, Donny & Marie
15. Show me - Osmond, Donny & Marie
16. End of the show - Osmond, Donny & Marie

Track Listings
1. I'm Leaving It (All) Up to You
2. Morning Side of the Mountain
3. Puppy Love - Donny Osmond
4. Make the World Go Away
5. Paper Roses - Marie Osmond
6. Deep Purple
7. Too Young - Donny Osmond
8. Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
9. In My Little Corner of the World - Marie Osmond
10. Why - Donny Osmond
11. (You're) My Soul and Inspiration
12. Who's Sorry Now - Marie Osmond
13. One of These Days
14. Twelfth of Never - Donny Osmond
15. Let It Be Me
16. It Takes Two
17. It's All in the Game

Osmond, Donny - Somewhere In Time CD


TRACK LISTINGD(按下Windows Media可以試聽喔!!)
Click Note to listen to Sound Samples Sound Sample Help
Windows Media Samples Real Audio Samples   Song Title
Windows Media Real Audio 1. Without You
Windows Media Real Audio 2. I Can't Go For That
Windows Media Real Audio 3. All Out Of Love
Windows Media Real Audio 4. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
Windows Media Real Audio 5. Don't Dream It's Over
Windows Media Real Audio 6. After The Love Is Gone
Windows Media Real Audio 7. Would I Lie To You
Windows Media Real Audio 8. I'm Not In Love
Windows Media Real Audio 9. Puppy Love
Windows Media Real Audio 10. Happy Together
Windows Media Real Audio 11. Don't Give Up On Us Baby
Windows Media Real Audio 12. No One Has To Be Alone - (bonus track, from "Land Before Time")
Windows Media Real Audio 13. Crazy Horses - (hidden track)

Steppin' Stone


1. What Would You Do About You (If You Were Me)
2. Slowly But Surely
3. What's in It for Me
4. Steppin' Stone
5. What's a Little Love Between Friends
6. If You Think About It Call Me
7. Help Me Get Over You
8. Too Blue Moon
9. Love Speaks Louder Than Words
10. Let Me Be the First


瑪麗奧斯蒙與哥哥唐尼一同主持「Donny& Marie Osmonds Show」,70年代在中視播出,風靡全台,資深西洋音樂專家余光表示,1979年唐尼與瑪麗在中華體育館開演唱會(新聞、網站),應該是西洋藝人來台演出的第一人。

奧斯蒙兄妹主持的「Donny & Marie Os-monds Show」當年和湯米瓊斯秀以及余光主持的「青春旋律」是台灣觀眾獲得西洋音樂資訊的三大節目。


「Donny &Marie Osmonds Show」在台一播就播了好幾年。一位資深音樂人表示,那時奧斯蒙家族比傑克森家族還要好!



Paper Roses Puppy Love Im Leaving It (All) Up To You Soldier of Love Down By The Lazy River


  • Donny & Marie sing together onstage for the very first time at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. They duet on the song Where Is The Love.


  • Donny & Marie release their first duet album, I'm Leaving It All Up To You. Two singles are released from the album, I'm Leaving It All Up To You and Morning Side of the Mountain, and become instant Top 10 hits.


  • Donny & Marie's second duet album, Make The World Go Away, is released.
  • When Donny & Marie co-host on The Mike Douglas Show, an ABC-TV executive sees them on it and approaches them about starring in their own weekly TV variety show.
  • In November, the Donny & Marie TV variety special airs.


  • In January, Donny & Marie premieres as a weekly TV variety show. The show is an instant ratings hit. Donny (18) & Marie (16) become the youngest hosts of a weekly TV variety show.
  • Donny & Marie receive an American Music Award for Favorite Country & Western Duo.
  • Two more Donny & Marie duet albums are released, Donny & Marie: Featuring Songs From Their Television Show and New Season. They collect two more Top 40 hits, Deep Purple and Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing.
  • In September, Donny & Marie returns for a second season.
  • Mattel Toys comes out with a line of Donny & Marie dolls and toys.


  • In September, Donny & Marie returns for a third season. Marie cuts her hair short and creates a fashion trend. ABC-TV hires Cher's designer, Bob Mackie, to start designing all her clothes on the show. The new Marie is a hit and she celebrates her 18th birthday on a special Donny & Marie show.
  • The Osmonds build a TV-studio in Orem, Utah and Donny & Marie starts taping at the Osmond Studios.
  • Donny & Marie release their fifth duet album, Winning Combination. The single released from the album, You're My Soul & Inspiration, becomes a Top 40 hit.


  • In May, Donny marries Debra Glenn in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • In September, Donny & Marie returns for a fourth season. The ice skating which was featured during the opening number since the show's premiere is now replaced by disco dancing.
  • Donny & Marie star in their first and only feature film, Goin' Coconuts.
  • Donny & Marie's sixth and last duet album, Goin' Coconuts, is released. The album produces the Top 40 hit, On The Shelf.


  • Donny & Marie receives a People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Variety Show.
  • The Donny & Marie show is officially changed to The Osmond Family Show and starts featuring all of the Osmonds. In May, the show is eventually cancelled due to poor ratings.
  • Donny & Debbie's first son, Donald Clark Osmond, Jr., is born in July.
  • The Donny & Marie Christmas Special airs in December.


  • Donny & Marie continue to tour as a duet and occassionally with their brothers up until 1986. They also continue making joint and solo TV appearances.
  • Donny makes his Broadway debut in Little Johnny Jones in February 1982. The critics aren't too kind and the show opens and closes on the same night.
  • Marie marries Steve Craig in June 1982 in Salt Lake City, Utah. In April 1983, Stephen James Craig is born. Steve & Marie divorce in 1985.
  • The annual Children's Miracle Network Telethon, founded by Marie and John Schneider, airs for the first time in May 1983.
  • In 1985, Marie makes a successful country music comeback with her new album, There's No Stopping Your Heart. Marie releases four country music albums between 1985-1989 and scores with several Top 40 country hits, including the #1 hits Meet Me In Montana (with Dan Seals), There's No Stopping Your Heart and You're Still New To Me (with Paul Davis).
  • On October 13, 1986 (Marie's 27th birthday), Marie and Dan Seals receive a Country Music Association Award for Best Vocal Duet for Meet Me In Montana.
  • In October 1986, Marie marries Brian Blosil.
  • Donny makes a successful pop music comeback in 1989 with the #2 hit single, Soldier of Love. A new album is released which includes the single and also the Top 15 hit, Sacred Emotion. In 1990, Donny releases another album, Eyes Don't Lie, which produces the Top 40 hit My Love Is A Fire.
  • Donny wins first place at the Long Beach Grand Prix in April 1991.
  • Marie's line of porcelain dolls debuts on QVC in 1991.
  • From 1992-1998, Donny stars in a successful run across Canada and the U.S. in the musical play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
  • From 1994-1995, Marie tours in the musical play The Sound of Music and receives rave reviews.
  • Marie stars with Betty White in the short-lived TV sitcom Maybe This Time during the 1995-1996 TV season.
  • Donny appears on Rosie O'Donnell's talk show in 1996 and an unfortunate remark which he aims at Rosie lands him in hot water. When Marie appears on Rosie's show a few weeks later, Donny comes along and apologizes to Rosie by singing Puppy Love to her in a dog outfit.
  • Donny releases a new solo Christmas album, Christmas At Home and a two-volume The Best of Donny & Marie video set in 1997.
  • In December 1997, Marie makes her Broadway debut in the musical play The King and I.


  • Donny & Marie reunite on TV in their own daytime talk show, Donny & Marie, in September. By this time, Donny is a father of five boys and Marie has six children.


  • Donny releases his autobiography, Life Is Just What You Make It: My Story So Far. In the book, he discloses dealing with panic disorders.
  • Marie gives birth to her seventh child, Matthew R. Blosil, in July.
  • Donny & Marie returns for a second season in September.
  • Donny & Marie co-host The Miss America Pageant.
  • Marie discloses her struggle with post-partum depression following the birth of her seventh child.


  • In January, Marie announces her separation from her second husband, Brian Blosil. They reconcile by summer.
  • The musical film version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring Donny is released straight to video and DVD.
  • Donny & Marie receives 5 Daytime Emmy nominations.
  • Columbia Tri-Star decides to cancel Donny & Marie in June.


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